Dating’s like a Horror Flick: There’s a lot of Ghosts.

Please Help Guide Me on My Journey

In the past 36 hours. I’ve been ghosted twice. I had plans to have dinner last night with woman on a first date, and at the last minute, she cancelled. This was the second time she has needed to “reschedule.” I saw her today briefly, and she was adamant we need to reschedule. I was pleasant and kind to her. I am not angry, and actually I was very tired last night. Now I have zero desire to try again. (Is that my bruised ego talking? Not sure.)

I asked another woman who I’ll soon be traveling with to call me tonight. I had something I wanted to ask her, and little did she know, I wanted to offer to do something incredibly sweet for her prior to our trip. She texted and said she would call me back shortly. Since her pattern of behavior is to not call me at night (that’s a whole suspicious story on its own, but I have my theories), I didn’t expect her to call. Sadly, I was right. What she will never know, after having time to consider it, I’ve decided not to spend the money (and it was good amount) on a deeply romantic special surprise. (Again, is that my bruised ego talking? Still not sure)

On a positive note, my breakfast date (first date as well) did show up as she said she would. Funny thing though, I was fully expecting her to cancel. It was a nice surprise when she arrived as planned. We had a great conversation, and things went well. We are scheduled to see each other again net week.

This has led me to a not so new or brilliant epiphany.

I,Hopeless Romantic, do solemnly swear that I will with all the woman I date in the future DO WHAT I SAY I’M GOING TO DO!!!

If I commit to something, I’m going to do it. I will ensure that I’m not one of the men out there ghosting woman. I want to be a person that the future love of my life can count on. My word will be more certain than death and taxes. This is one way in which I will demonstrate to woman that I respect them and their time.

Though I will run into more ghosts as I go through this journey, I myself will not be an apparition.

Love Entry #12

7 of 10, Day 15. I did go to breakfast with Nurse Betty #6 this morning. We had a nice conversation, and she seems very authentic and down to earth. We have plans to go out again, but if I’m being honest there was no spark. She’s crazy cute, and looks like she could be on the cover of Vogue Nurse, but after one breakfast, I’m not sure there is enough fire there for her to be my muse.

On another note, the Lion struck again! I have a business acquaintance (let’s call her Lucy #7) that called me today. She and I have not had much face-to-face interaction, and she called to ask me for a favor. I obliged, and provided her with information that would have been very difficult for her to obtain on her own.

I’ve always found her to be beautiful and intellectually sharp. If I’m being totally vulnerable, I’ve also felt she was a little out of my league. In the spirit of living fearlessly, I said to her, “Lucy, I would like to take you to dinner, not as business colleagues, but on a date. What do you say?”

There was a long pause. It was probably only a second, but it seemed like five minutes, and my negative self was already preparing for the worst. Then she said, “I would love to.” We put a date on our calendar for next week.

Here’s the crazy thing. A couple of months ago I randomly saw her at a restaurant. I walked over to her table where she sat with a friend and said “hi”. We talked for a minute, and I left. She told me today, that when I saw her back then, she told the friend that she wished I would ask her out. Who knew???

The Lion is the King of the Jungle. It’s good to be King!

I would love your thoughts!

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  1. Ghosting, in my experience, says more about the person who is doing the ghosting than the recipient of it. Emotionally unbalanced or unavailable, possibly unwillingly so, comes to mind…

    I have a whole thing about “the spark” I’m in the process of writing about. I called it “the elusive spark” and questioned whether a spark can grow, over time, rather than expect it to be present at the get-go. If everything else seems to fit the puzzle, and there is at least some attraction, must the focus revert to the spark that doesn’t appear to be there (yet)?

    (I haven’t finished writing the piece but I have many thoughts on this topic.)

    I love reading along your adventure. 🙂



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