Your Intention sucks and it’s driving you away from Excellence!

I was sitting with a friend listening to him prattle on about his overly hostile relationship with his wife.  My mind wandered all over the place. I struggled to even care about anything being said, so listening was an even greater challenge.  I have heard this same story from him over and over again.  

All of the sudden I was struck by the idea that I was clueless to what his intention and what my intention was at that very moment.  I ask him, “What is your intention in telling me all of this?”  He looked at me puzzled.  “I don’t really know,” he replied.

So I began rapidly spitting questions at him:

  • Is your intention to vent?
  • Is your intention to seek my opinion?
  • Is your intention to seek commiseration?
  • Is your intention to gain sympathy?
  • Is your intention to find solutions?
  • Do you have any intention of doing something about your marriage?

I could see the strain of thought as he processed my inquisition.

My mind had been wandering and quite frankly a was annoyed because, I had no idea what my intention was in listening to him.  I didn’t know what to focus on.

I needed to know his intentions in order to understand what my intention should be. He finally shared that what he really wanted to do was vent but maybe he should change his intention.  This was the epiphany.

In order to obtain Excellence, you have to get intentional about EVERYTHING!

I started to ask myself in everything I did, “What is my intention here?”

  • When I sat down in front of the TV, I asked, “What is my intention?”
  • When I sat at my desk preparing for the following day, I asked, “What is my intention?”
  • When I walked into the room where my kids were, I asked, “What is my intention?”

All of the sudden I’m getting far more intentional with everything I’m doing. I’m also moving more quickly toward Excellence than ever before. Go be intentional! I would love to hear your thoughts.

The Process of Excellence

I have been focusing on Excellence for two months. It is exhilarating, but I’ve had many setbacks. Life also gets in the way of Excellence. Focusing on the process of Excellence takes cutting out all the noise to get to the core of its existence. The steps are simple, but the accomplishment is difficult.

The Plan

Excellence starts with a good plan. It doesn’t have to be great, but it needs to be well thought out and easily understood.


You need discipline to stick to the plan and discipline to execute the plan. You need something that acts as a constant reminder to the plan. You need a symbol that helps you overcome the constant battle of discipline.


Then you execute the plan. This is not easy and without constant discipline then the plan is tossed out frequently. When your lack of discipline infiltrates your focus, you need the grit to get back to the plan as quickly as possible.

Flexibility to Revise the Plan

Once you are in the battle of the plan, you must stay flexible enough to change when the plan is not working. Too much rigidity prevents you from overcoming the lost battles of discipline.

These thoughts may seem simple, but I will be exploring these throughout the rest of this year. I would love your thoughts.